Aromatherapy For Beginners With Zakiyah Candles

Y’all know I am a candle enthusiast. I am especially obsessed with Zakiyah Candles because they are soy which means it’s safe for my family and the environment! That is why I am so excited to use my candle stash for my newest obsession. Aromatherapy. What is aromatherapy? Holistic healing of your body and soul through scent and / or touch.  …


A Challenge Of Healing – The Throat Chakra (Tips For An Ambivert)

If you didn’t read last weeks post on the heart chakra, click here to catch up! I worked with crystals for the first time and it was an amazing experience. So amazing, that I have been drawn to them for this week’s challenge as well! The throat chakra is located in your throat (wouldn’t have guessed that right?) and is…


Exploring Your Home State With The Inn At Entrada

A couple weekends ago my little tribe and I got into the car and left on an adventure. With a four day weekend we knew we wanted to take advantage of that and get out of town for a few days. You know that feeling of just needing to get away? When you know your soul needs a vacation? That has…


A Challenge Of Healing – The Heart Chakra (Crystals)

Here we are, halfway through this challenge. I am amazed at how spiritually awakening this has been. These past few weeks while I have kept my challenges in mind very often, I do not know if I have truly been prioritizing them. I plan to make a push for this second half to truly prioritize this healing. Now to learn…


5 Ways To Teach Your Children To Live Simply

I’m over at Kindred Together’s blog today talking about motherhood. Specifically ways to teach our children to live a simple life. Minimalism is all the rage but it can be hard to teach a child why it is important. I hope these tips help you out! Click here to read all about it.  

Labor Google+ Profile(2)

Tahlya’s Birth Story Raw and Real

Back in December, I shared Tahlya’s birth story, I talked about my whole experience at the hospital and just quickly brushed over everything. I have had the opportunity to join the #MyLaborDay Labor Story Series over at Kiddo Korner where I shared my experience focusing on birth itself. I got real and raw and didn’t sugar coat a thing. I opened…

A Challenge Of Healing (1)

A Challenge Of Healing – The Solar Plexus Chakra

Wow – I did not expect my focus on the sacral chakra to be so difficult. The majority of my struggles lie within the spiritual center of the sacral chakra so once this challenge ends I plan to spend an extended time working on that healing. This 7-ish week challenge is meant to be a quick exploration and balancing of…

Making Time To Date Your Spouse (1)

Making Time To Date Your Spouse With Jord Wood Watches

The world moves so fast. School, work, housekeeping, motherhood. Giving you and your partner time to date tends to fall back on your list of priorities. Article after article will tell husbands to date their wives and the other way around, and we can continue reading them, however, taking the time to ACTUALLY date? That’s what is most important here.…

It's Okay to focus on yourself (1)

It’s Okay To Focus On Yourself

Mothers and women in general so often forget to take care of themselves. Society says we are selfish to prioritize our own self care. Aren’t we supposed to pour our entire heart and soul into our family?! What if I told you that you can’t be your best self for those you love most if you aren’t taking time for yourself?…